In the mood for Ubud

I’m posting this from my iPhone so pardon spelling and grammmmatical errrrrors.

We’ve been in Ubud, Bali since early Saturday morning. Early – as in left the house at 4am against Mr. Sandman’s strongest wills to remain on the lovely couch cushions (shipped our bed to Manila).

It was odd saying goodbye to the house I’ve called home since 2002. A home where so many memories were etched into my mind, so many events have taken place, and where life tested my will to remain in this land 13,000 miles from my birthplace.

Tranquility is the theme for this week. We’re staying at a beautifully eclectic place called Michi. I’ll post more about it later but I first recommend viewing the website where you may get a glimpse of what I mean: Michi

It’s nestled in a lush valley with exquisite views of rice fields, Balinese volcanoes, and rushing rapids of a river below.

Unfortunately, I’ve hit a setback this week with one last goodbye kiss from Indonesia in the form of a stomach bug, otherwise known as Bali Belly. A waterfall not unlike that of the river below, followed by a fever, and a quick trip to SOS confirmed my illness. $8 lighter (hint: you can buy antibiotics over the counter in Indonesia), armed with horsepill antibiotics and I’m on the mend.

Not sure how long we’ll be in Ubud, but we may move on to the beaches in the south.

This place is good for the soul. Check out the ‘gallery’ on Michi’s website and you’ll see what I mean.

Oh and I have a two page photo in the latest issue of Kabar / Expat Magazine if you happen to come across it.

That’s all for now; I’ll post again soon or you can follow my updates on Twitter.