50,000 Minutes

50,000 minutes.

That’s the number of minutes spent not at my desk. Not in Jakarta. And loving (nearly) every minute of it.

We covered around 1700km, took around 45GB (3500+) photos, and for once never had a single bout of “Bali Belly”. (you may remember I befriended an amoeba last summer). As I mentioned, this trip we made our ‘base’, the sand and surf area of Seminyak, north of Kuta. This trip also proved to be a bit more productive in some possible future plans; but that’s another story for another day.

I’ll be resuming work on Monday for better or worse, and will be online most days once again. I hope I haven’t lost too many followers due to my lack of updates, but I think it’s important to define a holiday as just that – a break from nearly every part of your normal existence in order to fully refresh, recharge, and shake off the past years’ stress.

And with that, we now return to our regularly scheduled program.