Path of Least Resistance

I really appreciate the recent “plugs” for my work – had some very kind words. Her ambition will carry her far in this world.

Japan Window recently mentioned javajive. His writing is interesting and opens the portal to Japan through beautiful imagery.

I was especially surprised to see that Quarlo has added my site to his link section. I’ve been following his work for a couple of years and always respected his selection of talented artists. I’m not sure I deserve to be on there – but it sure made my day!

Friskodude has nominated javajive for the 2004 Weblog Awards in the category for “best photoblog” – I’m honored. Thank you Carl.

Jakartass also has thrown in a nomination for “best photoblog” – I appreciate all of your supportive words. I hope you receive the Indonesian award!

In case you’re wondering why my archives suddenly displays “August 1977” – it is the new home to what will become my “about” page. I was working on it last night, and should finish soon. I’ve been a major slacker in that area.

The images here were taken in different places, with different stories. Sorry if I ranted a bit on the last post, but after a couple years of being here, the poverty can get to you.

My brother’s plane just landed – I’m so excited that he’s finally here! Unfortunately I have to work and cannot meet him at the airport. It’ll be interesting to see his first impressions of Indonesia, although he’s traveled quite extensively. I really miss the “firsts” – when the whole experience of being in a new place is so captivating. There’s nothing like the feeling of stepping off a plane onto foreign soil. I love it.