Flying through Typhoon Mirinae (aka Santi)

We’re scheduled to fly from Boracay to Manila tomorrow – exactly when Typhoon Mirinae (known locally as Santi) is scheduled to hit Manila directly. Being new to the whole typhoon thing, we’re unsure as to how dangerous it actually is to fly through one, but it’s not an experience I feel I need to check off my list of things to do.

Philippine Airlines has cancelled over 50 domestic and international flights into and out of Manila beginning tonight. Our flight is just after the listing finishes, meaning our flight is still on. I can’t get through to PAL via their phone lines, and am unsure if it’s in our best interest to strive to change our ticket (maybe not even a possibility at this late of a juncture), or trust that they know what’s best and go forward with our flight.

It’s too bad this has put a damper on our otherwise wonderful holiday.