Blog changes: awesome archive tool and "asides" are back

I spent some time updating to the latest version of WordPress today, and while I was at it, upgraded to the newest version of K2 – the theme this blog uses. I was impressed with the changes. Check out that tool at the top – the “older” link. Click that baby. Check out that slider action? Sweet huh?

Also, the “asides” are back. I lost that function after upgrading in October. What are Asides? They’re kind of mini-posts. When I find something interesting to share or only have a brief amount of time to share a new link, they’re a great way of sharing. I believe they’ll show up in the feed for this blog, but if not, there’s a nifty button over there to subscribe to the asides. Hope you like it. (they’re currently showing outdated links till I post something in that category)

All in all, it’s just some housecleaning and polishing, but it’s slowly getting some better functionality. However, I know I’m in desperate need of redesigning the look of this blog. It’s function over form for now.

My sister is currently staying here. She arrived on Sunday after tripping around Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, etc. She’s heading to Bali on Saturday and then on to the Land Down Under after that. It’s nice having her around, but unfortunately I’m too busy to hang out much. (I know, if I’m so busy why am I upgrading this site, right?)

Sampai nanti donk.