Small world

Small world.

Saturday, I get a call from a friend, “Hey you know Racquel?”

Yeah, I do, but only on Twitter. She helped me with various questions regarding moving to Manila from Jakarta. She was a fantastic resource and very helpful.

“Well, she’s here hanging out if you wanna drop by.”

… huh … ?

Turns out Racquel’s fiance was in my friend’s wedding – as his best man. They were over at his place hanging out and apparently the discussion of an American photographer came up, hence the connection.

My friend doesn’t use Twitter and I know him and his wife only ‘offline’ (went with them to Batangas last month). Both are expats, whereas Racquel and her fiance are Filipino.

It’s exciting to see the power of connections and to get a glimpse, yet again, of how small this world really can be nowadays.

Careful out there, you may just know the stranger next to you.