In Boracay for a week!

We’re on the stunning island of Boracy, Philippines for the next week, soaking up the sun and enjoying sand as white and powdery as baking flour. Having survived a frantic, fast-paced 3 months in Manila, it was time for a much needed break.

After a dozen or more trips to my beloved Bali, it’s tough not to make comparisons to such a magical place. However, with only 8 hours of experience in Boracay, I can confidently admit the beaches here take the gold medal. The crystal clear blue-green water is straight off someone’s idyllic cheezy motivational poster, and the sand is out of this world.

I’ll take some pics throughout the week, but my primary focus is to completely and utterly chill out, read a lot, and get a taste of my new country beyond the bubble of Makati and Manila’s Millions.