Why is it that anytime we learn a foreign language, the “dirty” words are the first to be learned and never forgotten? Is it because we are all perverts? Cause we are fascinated by the sound of swearing in a foreign language? I think that guy had it right in the movie “Matrix Reloaded” in the scene where he swore all in French – sometimes it just sounds better.

I know that I simply enjoy being able to shock the Indonesians when I can tell them they’re an ass for cutting me off while I’m driving.

Take the word “breast” for example. It’s a simple word, but not that poetic in English.

Now listen to the word, “buah dada” – in Bahasa Indonesia it means, “fruit of the chest” – much more descriptive, fitting, and honestly more pleasing, invoking images of . . . apples? cantelope? watermelons? – nevermind. That’s another discussion for another time!

At any rate, I still find it funny that I can say the word for “clitoris” (itil) but I have no idea how to say something like, “you have a great personality”.

I guess I’m the ass!