• Your best sky yet?

    Those 5Ds are expensive, hopefully it’ll pay you back!

  • dharma

    hey there, i chanced upon your great photos while googling on Indonesia. You really bring out the hidden beauty of a country projected less favorably over news programs etc. Now i’m inspired to take photography seriously. Cheers to these and more picture perfect visuals! 😎

  • Brandon

    John – I’m not sure. I’ll leave that up to you to decide. And yes, it was a bit expensive – especially with the 24-105 lens. It’s a price I’m willing to pay for something I feel so passionate about.

    Dharma – Thank you, if there’s anything I hope my photos may relate, it’s that there’s a whole other side of beauty to this country that’s been hammered by tragedy time and time again.

  • btw, what are the advantages of full frame.

    and also, if you have digital lenses, will that mean that you can’t get the most out of the 5D’s full frame?

    i am still feeling my way around this technical photography stuff.

  • Hello Brandon,

    Gosh! These photos are fantastic! I just love the vivid colors. I’m also trying to make the transition from being a “mere blogger” to a “photoblogger” except that I still haven’t got a dSLR (Yet! I’m toying with the idea of a D40 to start with)… Sorry to hear about the DHM. BTW, I chanced upon your site thru’ Nungkysman, and he’s a friend of a M’sian friend in JKT. Keep up the good work!

  • Brandon

    John – I think I’ll answer your question about full frame in a post. It will take me too long here. If you mean digital lenses as in the ef-s mounted lenses (made specifically for crop cameras, they will no longer work on the 5D). I’m pretty bummed about that actually, cause i LOVED my 10-22mm ef-s lens. Now I’ll have to sell it. (hint, hint to those interested)

    Mat Salo – I still haven’t found that transition point – I’ve never been a full blown photoblogger I guess – where there’s one image displayed daily and very little text. I always find myself needing to blab about things. 😉 Actually, what’s DHM?

  • that’d be cool brandon! 🙂

    i’m also thinking about a nikon d40… best pt about it is that it’s relatively small…