Loss of Virginity

Loss of Virginity

Let us hope that our children still may experience places like this. Breathe air this fresh. Walk amongst unspoiled beauty as we have.

Volcanic hills, Lembang, Central Java, Indonesia
Three hours from my home

Canon 350D / 10-22mm@22 / f7.1 / 1/80 / iso 800

  • Gretchen

    This is very beautiful did you have to photo shop the color in? this is amazing, its like a feild of dreams. So why did you name this loss of virginity?? seems a little out there. Do you have a reason why you named it that? Just curious

  • Brandon

    Gretchen, thank you. Yes, this was photoshopped a bit – the sky was violet, but not so much so.

    I titled it that way because this land is so stunningly beautiful, and yet is losing that beauty very rapidly: deforestation, pollution, garbage, noise pollution, and over-population. It felt to me as if I were witnessing the loss of innocence, hence my title.

  • The exotic Lembang 🙂

    Pinjam gambarnya ya….

  • Otty

    Thanks Brandon…. You make me feel more grateful……You’re the one who can think clearly,I hope your experiences can open Indonesian poeples eyes to respect this country….Im verry proud of you…..:)