• Alicia

    Stunning. Nice work. I saw that temple in real life and don’t remember it being half as impressive as it looks in this picture.

  • Hi there,

    AMAZING shot! Really impressive. Thanks for posting this, I have a website on Temples in Bangkok and try my luck with my camera – but I guess in terms of beautiful photography I’ll leave that up to the pros 🙂

  • Ozy

    That’s insanely good. Did you touch that up digitally? It looks really dramatic.

    “Poker Face” Was great too.

  • Brandon

    Alicia, it’s all in the wrist. 😉

    Ramin: You’re not spamming me right?

    Ozy: Yeah, this is pretty heavy manipulation in Lightroom; not something I do often, but as of late I’ve been playing more.