Bali and Lombok for a month…

We’re leaving tonight for Bali and Lombok. I have five weeks of holiday time, but am not sure how long I’ll be away. I’m bringing all of my photo gear this trip, including my Canon 5D. It’s the first time I’ve actually brought that camera, cause I’m always so paranoid about theft/damage. Generally I’ve relied on a 350D. I’m going to revisit some spots I’ve been in the past to get some better photos, either from fresh perspectives or different times of the day.

We’ll most likely be around Seminyak, Kuta, Ubud, and possibly the northeast coast. If anyone is interested in meeting up, email me.

I should be able to check in periodically and hopefully update the blog a bit. I think upon my return I’ll share some interesting information…

Hope you all are enjoying the lazy days of summer.

  • As long as you are in Lombok, be sure to visit the waterfalls in Sanaru. It was one of the most incredible places I have been in the area.

  • stephen

    Some guys have all the luck.Hve a great time.

  • Jack

    Hey toughguy,

    Did you get me email about the envelopes you gave me? What the the best email address to use for you?

    How is Bali?


  • Tom

    Good luck and enjoy your trip! I´m waiting to see your pics here and at Flickr then 😉


  • ian

    Hi Brandon,

    Emmerson went off about Bali the other day – babbling on and on about the beach and waves and such. Seriously consider your future – States are good but lacking.


  • Irene

    Lazy days of summer? Not to those of us who have to work dammit, B.

    Hope you’re having a great vacation.

  • Alicia

    States are good but lacking?! Oh ID, it will get better. Brandon, get yourself back here. Move to where we are. I will miss Bali, though. Is Lake Michigan almost the same thing?

  • damn you just missed me. lol. i was in bali for a week, came back last night. i’m seriously considering moving there, open up a small net cafe on poppies lane, etc. i found this awesome house for $4000 year, it’s friggin huge and it’s brand new. anyway have fun with the camera and have fun in bali. peace man.