Code injection? Sphinktersayswhat?

It appears this blog has been attacked by some sort of *&#$@# malicious spam injection. Many people have written to me with concern, screenshots, and ponderings on what is going on. I believe I may have cleared the issue up, by removing the code and upgrading to the latest version of WP, but at the expense of the design of the blog. I am putting function over form at this point until I have the time to fix the aesthetics.Read more

WordPress 2.8

I’ve just upgraded to WordPress 2.8. I hope this helps to clear up the previous malware warnings many people experienced when visiting my blog. The lack of a proper solution has been waning on my patience and motivation to blog. If anyone with better skills would care to help me with investigating the issue with the possible code injection, please let me know. Also, if you still see warnings when visiting this blog, please drop a comment below. I alsoRead more

Photoblog (not this blog) down for a while

Unfortunately, my photoblog has been taken down for a while. As you may remember, I had a separate photoblog dedicated to just the images via thejavajive. It was receiving decent traffic, had a design which I thought was pleasing, and received helpful commentary regularly. You also may remember that it became infected with code-injection – malicious code – in June 2009. (feel like I’m in The Matrix saying that). I tried my best to resolve the issue, even bringing inRead more