We’ve been in Siem Reap for the past few days, enjoying the temples, the town, and the food. The contrast to Bangkok and Jakarta is astonishing. I haven’t seen land this flat in many years, nor sky this blue.

I’ve taken hundreds of photos yet again, but this time it’s more for my own personal enjoyment; I know that these sites and temples are heavily photographed and there’s not much new I’ll be able to capture. I’m trying to concentrate more on taking in the history and the overall feel of this spectacular place.

It seems everywhere we travel, the locals think Novita is from there. In Thailand, they spoke Thai to her, in Cambodia, they all think she’s Cambodian and approach her with that language. Even in an Indian restaurant, they asked if she was Indian. Perhaps her Chinese animal should be Chameleon, instead of a Dragon.

It feels odd to be using U.S. dollars again. I find myself converting prices back into Indonesian Rupiah to get a sense of the value! I really wish we had time to visit Laos as well, but feel that to do it justice we need to set aside more time. I wouldn’t want to be rushed in a place like that. Perhaps another trip to Vietnam and Laos is on the horizon.

My sister is on one of the southern islands in Cambodia. Can’t believe she wouldn’t join up with us for Christmas, but I think she was ready to move on to a beach.

We will be taking the Mekong Express back to Phnom Phen tomorrow morning, and an immediate flight to Bangkok. We have about four days left in Thailand; but don’t think it’s sufficient time to get to the southern islands. Perhaps Chiang Mai if it’s do-able in that time frame.

Luckily, once we get back we’ll have about a week to chill out or maybe do a small amount of traveling in Jakarta before work resumes. It’s amazing how much time slows down when you’re packing your days full of variation.

I wish you all Happy Holidays, wherever you are.

  • I can feel for Novita. I get the same thing all the time too. I’m in the Philippines now and people always think I’m Filipino. It was the same in Korea, Cambodia, Thailand, China, and Bali too.

    The best beach closest to Bangkok is Koh Samet. The sand is white and soft, and you can still find seclusion if you want it.

  • I can feel with Novita, too. Nana get the same here in germany, too. If we went to a Asia shop (owner a Thai) they think she is Thai, if we went to a asian restaurant (owner vietnamese) they talk in vietnamese to her.

    Happy holidays


  • I’m half Javanese half Batak. I had people spoke Chinese, Tagalog, Thai and Vietnamese to me. Even my own people thinks I’m Chinese. O well, I guess I could blend in with the locals of different places. Looking forward from more shots and stories from Cambodia and Thailand. Happy New Year Brandon.