Offering desktop wallpaper to promote photography?

What do you think? Is it worthwhile to create desktop wallpaper to download for free in an effort to drum up more awareness for an artist’s photography? Not necessarily the images which are sold as prints, but perhaps images taken with the sole purpose of distributing as wallpaper. Good idea or bad? Worth the effort? Selling my soul to the devil? (or would that be micro-stock photography)

By the way, has some great wallpaper for free in a variety of sizes.

Blood types – I am all accepting

This is quite possibly the most random thing I could have posted today.

I was cleaning out my wallet when I found a blood type card that was issued after I had Dengue Fever in December. Until this morning I couldn’t have told you what blood type I am; it’s never crossed my mind. For kicks, I looked it up online and learned that only 3% of American’s share type AB+ with me. Oddly, the largest population to share AB+ is South Korea (mom??).

I thought that this may mean it’s quite difficult were I to ever need blood, but a bit more reading proved me wrong. AB+ individuals can accept blood from any other type. So although 97% of Americans have a differing blood type, I can accept any of theirs if I were to have another motorcycle accident. That’s reassuring. I feel for the type O-‘s out there, as they can only accept that type.

I suppose in a place like Indonesia it’s important to know this information and to keep it with you. Do you know yours?

Summertime and the livin's easy

My ‘net was off for a while at home, and I couldn’t be bothered to stay at work any later than need be; hence the lack of updates. Ma’af.

My days have been taken up by a newfound interest in tennis, golf, home improvements, hanging with friends, and my sister returning to the States after a 7 week visit.

I hope to take some time this summer to get my lazy arse back in shape, get some decent photos, get through some good books, and plan some travel time in July for four weeks.

Picked up a Japanese Wii and about 15 games (as I mentioned a few weeks ago), but haven’t even found the time to play it much.

I’ll be writing more later.

Nintendo Wii – Japanese version a bad idea?

I have been toying with the idea of picking up a Nintendo Wii. I have an old XBox that I actually won from Taco Bell back in 2001 before they were even released, but haven’t even turned it on in months.

I’m not much of a gamer; they just don’t hold too much interest for me, but I’ve heard lots of people saying the Wii experience is fun even for non-gamers. Worst case scenario, if I’m not into it, I sell it.

I haven’t even checked out the 360 or PS3 because I’m not going to pick up an HDTV while I’m living over here, and it seems like a bit of a waste to play them on a regular TV. Additionally, I keep hearing bad things about overheating XBox’s, and them getting “bricked” after going online. The PS3 is almost $800 over here – an absurd amount to pay in my opinion.

At any rate, I was at the mall tonight and found a Japanese version Wii for around 2.7jt with 5 games included. (about $320). It’s already modified to play all the games, but being a Japanese version, apparently there’s no option to view the menu in English.

Has anyone had experience with buying a Japanese version? From what I’ve read online it’s not a prohibitive point, as long as you’re willing to deal with the pain of setting up the options using a translated guide. They said as soon as you pop in an English version game you’ll be fine.

What are some of the best games out there for this system? Thanks in advance.

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Using Google Earth to find the absolute farthest place from home

Using Google Earth’s “ruler” tool, I was able to find the absolute farthest place in the world from Jakarta. I previously thought my home state of Michigan was pretty far from here. I was wrong: it’s only 9,856 miles from Jakarta. It turns out Bogota, Colombia is close to being the absolute farthest place from Jakarta at 12,436 miles. (The opposite side of the globe from Michigan turns out to be a place 1,300 miles off the west coast of Australia). Ok, so how to do this?

  • Open Google Earth
  • Click on the “ruler” tool (or measure tool)
  • Left click on your starting point
  • Drag the ruler around the world until the ruler swivels around (therefore finding a shorter route)
  • Left click again to mark the place. Voila. Somewhere around 12,400 miles is the farthest place from your starting point.

Some other interesting opposites (I’ve approximated to the nearest populated area):

* London – New Zealand
* Sydney – Azores Islands
* Cape Town – Hawaii
* Tokyo – Rio de Janeiro
* San Francisco – Madagascar
* Baghdad – Tahiti
* New York – Perth
* Bangkok – Lima, Peru
* Guam – Salvador, Brazil

Ultimately, what does all this mean to us? That our parents were full of it when they said, “If you keep digging you’ll end up in China!”. The opposite side of the world from Beijing is actually near Buenos Aires, Argentina!

Now it’s your turn.

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Heavy duty construction on this site

I’m in the middle of upgrading both the WordPress software and the design (K2) that is used on this blog. Please hang in there, it could get rough.

*update* – the WP upgrade went smooth as butter. However, the K2 didn’t. My site was all messed up, so I’ve reverted to the older version again. I simply don’t have the time right now to mess with it. Hopefully I’ll get a moment in the next week or so to get the new version of K2 up and running; time to dust off my coding skills (non-existent I should add).

The bad news? With the WP upgrade, my links (or blogroll) has disappeared. I’m sure once I activate K2’s newest version, they’ll be back. In the meantime – my apologies to those of you who are listed there.

Major Blog Problem

I’m having a major problem with this blog. For whatever reason, my comments are no longer showing up or have been deleted somehow. Additionally, I can no longer properly back up the blog via WordPress. Does anyone have any advice or can offer assistance?

I’m going to be very bummed if all these comments were deleted. I do have a backup of much of this site, but (cringing) not since February. Obviously if comments aren’t working, then you’ll have to email me with any advice: thejavajive (at) gmail (dot) com

Off to Bali

I’m leaving in a few hours for five days in Bali. Just a short break, but we’ll be busy every moment. I’m bringing a Canon 350D instead of my 5D out of fear, considering there will be many times I’ll have to leave the gear in the hotel (rafting, etc) – a bit of a bummer, but it’s still a great camera. I hope to return with some decent shots from the majestic island. (I have a bit of a love affair with Bali – as do many others)

Things seem to be coming together well lately in most aspects. I hope this is a trend that’ll continue well into the distant future…