Creating panoramic photos in Photoshop

Click here to see a larger version.

Or here’s the ultra-cool Zoomify version. (gotta see this!)

This image is a composite of fifteen Canon 5D 13mp RAW photos, stitched together using Photoshop CS3.

The resulting image is so large, that it’s:

Equivalent to 100 megapixels
Is 20,000 pixels wide
Could be printed nearly 10 feet long at high quality
Is around 700mb in file size (only this one image will consume an entire CD)

The process is quite easy if you have Photoshop. Assuming you’ve taken the photos properly, with stitching in mind. (using a tripod and appropriate lenses and settings)

In fact, it contains so much information, that here are some crops from the full size image:

A quick Google will dig up many more capable tutorials regarding this subject, but I’ll attempt the quick and dirty version for you now.

Open Photoshop, (I’m using CS3, but I believe it’s similar for the previous two versions). Go to:

File –> Automate –> Photomerge

Select the photos you’d like to stitch together, and let Photoshop work its magic. Check the resulting image for inconsistencies, misaligned sections, or other problems with the final image. Once the layers are looking great, you can flatten the final image. (I’d save a PSD of the layered version first).

There you have it – your very own 700mb panoramic photo.