Space race and the infinite blue

1247583481 37f5150eaf Space race and the infinite blue

1248362428 96f33cdde8 Space race and the infinite blue

This is one of those photos you may only capture once in a lifetime.

There’s so much to think about when viewing something like this. The wonder of man’s accomplishments, our desire to break free, our instinct to explore. In less than a century we accomplished both feats visible in this single photo.

"To confine our attention to terrestrial matters would be to limit the human spirit."

-Stephen Hawking

  • Jenny in Jakarta


  • Theodore

    Brandon, what metering mode did u use? also, did u use any filter? i’ve tried many times to take pictures like these, but haven’t had any success; the moon is always washed out. these pics are crazy awesome, even the craters are visible. thx.

  • treespotter

    dude, that is just cool..

  • Dee


  • dee_tresna


  • dee_tresna