• http://andreallewis.blogspot.com mr. andrea lewis

    is this an actual photograph or computer enhanced? or is the picture in the eye actually there, however amplified/clarified/defined through computer enhancement?

  • http://www.thejavajive.com/blog Brandon

    It’s an actual untouched image. It was a close up of her eye, and I’m simply a reflection within.

  • http://www.7milesdown.com trench

    Been droppin in for quite sometime to see your new images. Great work man!

  • http://www.japanwindow.com Andy

    I really like both of these. They each cause you to look and look again. Nice textures and “colors.” I wonder how you got such depth of field in the first shot without losing focus due to vibrations (it looks like a hand held shot). It must have been a bright day…?


  • http://ksporry.blogspot.com Kryn

    ok, ofcourse the comment of the previous post should have been here…

  • http://www.helenthura.com/plog HelenThura

    wow, fantastic catchlights in her eyes!