• Wow, beautiful!

    (Your muse, and the photo.)

  • Priscilla

    Hey there.. This is soo cool..


    I have a similar picture of me that I wanted to do this to..

    Take care

    Priscilla ^_^

  • mark daniel

    beautiful portrait brandon.

    the color and tones are perfect.


  • Brandon

    This original was nice, but I thought I’d try it with the golden tone to warm things up a bit. It’s some work I did in Lightroom actually, not Photoshop. You should try it out.

    Mark – thanks, but it wouldn’t be a beautiful shot without a beautiful subject. 😉

  • Priscilla

    ahh Lightroom.. I had a feeling…
    Well.. Unless I’m looking to set myself back 299. US dollars.. Umm no.. ^_^
    Maybe I’ll try the trial version on adobe.com.. See…. That’s why I need to live in Asia; to get the cheap version.. heh heh heh…

    Thanks Brandon.. = )

  • awesome view……..

  • hlw..novita,,ada suatu ciri ke kas san dri foto anda,,saya sgt senang karna terdapat sentuhan nan alami di dalamnya..dan itu mkn anda ketahui…