• I haven’t been around for a while; your photos are as impressive as ever.

    Nice work Brandon.

  • great shot, What is he doing with the string?

  • such a big ship….
    nice blog, this is the first time for me to open ur blog
    thanks to get photo in Indonesia, my beatiful country.
    I hope you can enjoy Indonesia.

    c u

  • Brandon

    Rory – thanks, I had a slump for about two months where taking pics wasn’t my priority, but that phase seems to have moved on. How you been?

    Juergen – He was originally flying a kite. I put the ship there. 😉

    Septian – I have indeed enjoyed most of my time in your beautiful country. I only wish Jakarta was as clean at all times as it was for the first couple weeks in January! Blue sky has been an amazing sight!

  • Frida

    Hi Brandon…

    Yup…welcome….the ship has come in..
    I found the string…
    D kid’s been kiting da ship … hhahaha:))

    Well done!
    Thanks to d hight-tech that you can bounding the kite string with the ship…

    Yes…it is..your photos are as impressive..

    I would like to greet you firstly.
    It is the first time for me to open ur blog…a very full thoughtful blog. Creative…I like it.
    More over…Indonesian is the object…what a wise choice than everrrrrrrrr…

    Thanks to get Indonesian as your object in your photos…..my beautiful country….

    Well…I think it is too late to say it….but it s better late than never at all.
    This is my first loggin to your web.
    Welcome to Indonesia..I hope you can enjoy staying and living in Indonesia.

    Reach me at [yahoo messenger] as Gelfrida at y a h o o dot com..

    have a good eve

    cheersss – frida