• Alicia

    Re: the shark. I love it! That’s what I miss about living overseas. All the bizarre sh*t you don’t see anywhere else. I’ll never forget driving behind a motorcycle that was loaded down with 3 live goats on our way back from Pelabuhan.

  • Priscilla

    Puhuahuahuahauhua.. A shark on a motorcyle!!! That would have been hilarious!! It could of ended it up on one of those world’s funniest pictures or something.. I’m LMAO here at the thought of it.. A shark on a motorcycle. hee hee hee hee hee (still laughing) hee hee hee…
    Oh man there are tears in my eyes.. Oh man phewww too funny. Thanks for a good laugh.

    Okay now in all seriousness.. Okay so, was the photo above taken at a volcano? If so which one? It’s Beautiful…

    Take care!

    I take it you didn’t like my egg huh? lol

  • Jaz

    What do you mean “the direction we’re headed”. As far as I can tell you are either headed into a volcano or one of those lakes steaming heated by a volcano. And who is headed in this direction? You? Indonesia? N? or you and N?

    And I dont get all the other comments? what’s with the shark? Is this some kind of ‘in’ joke?

  • Brandon

    @Jaz: I use my ‘artistic license’ quite often in leaving the viewer up to the interpretations of the titles. It could be taken many ways – literally, (that’s not me by the way), the way the world is headed with global warming, violence, etc, read into it as you wish. That’s the great thing about personal interpretation. Should we always label things factually?

    The shark thing wasn’t an “in” joke at all. I had twittered about seeing a 5ft shark strapped to the back of a motorcycle. However, twitters are replaced as new msgs come in, so it was on the side bar for a day or so and was just replaced by the latest one.

  • i like this one. then again, i like most of your stuff.

  • nad

    another great pic of yours!