• Avi

    Thats a great angle you have shot from. Almost looks like there are not too many people around. I really like the brown to black shades you have captured in the sunset. How do you do that? Is it natural or do you use filters? Or is it sephia?

  • Vicki Dutton

    This photo captures the reverence, and truly the word amber. Amber has preserved natural treasures of the world for centuries. This photo does the same.
    Thank you for sharing, I hope to stand on the spot you have taken this photo one day.

  • Brandon

    Thanks, Vicki, for relaying these words. I hope the image does indeed fit with the ‘amber’ theme for PhotoFriday. I also hope that you’ll be able to stand near such an amazing temple; it’s truly a sight to behold.

  • its nice sir, i like the angle, you shot different with others, new perspektif for me. nice meet your site .