Black with White or Purity Emerging

Black with White or Purity Emerging

A young Muslim girl returning home to her family. Her stark white hijab offered a startling contrast of cleanliness and purity versus the tarnished environment in which she lives.

The small village is built on stilts above a swamp. The planks of wood present a precarious walkway, easily broken and dangerous to tread upon. This is a life many of us will never experience, never fully understand, and never fully be cognizant of.

Kelapa Gading, Jakarta, Indonesia

Please see the full size as I do truly love this photo and don’t feel the small version does it any justice.

  • i love the cat.

  • ian

    This is my favorite picture from that outing. Pretty amazing how the kids seemed so comfortable and at ease in such a living situation. I think the next “Survivor” season should be set in a place like this.

  • no shit, it’ll be pretty impressive if anyone survive really. i truly believe that they’re truly special, if only because they can survive that place and still run around with a smile on their face.