• Yov

    is it somewhere in ubud?
    when i was in ubud i checked a place exactly looked like this, but the pool wasn’t done, the bungalows were facing the rice field, and it was only Rp100,000 a nite.
    i wish i decided to stay there. because nothing like that over here. damn it!

  • hey brandon, share some tips would u please. this is an excellent pic, amazing clarity and color contrast. did u use polarizer? any post processing done? thx.

  • Brandon

    It is in Ubud, Yov. However, it’s definitely a bit more than 100,000 / night. 😉 I think it’s around $170 USD / night. It’s to the left after you turn onto Monkey Forest Rd. Actually, the bungalows in this photo are the property behind this small resort from where I was standing. Those bungalows are probably much cheaper but still with great views.

  • Brandon

    Theodore – I’m happy you like the image, because this was just a quick snapshot. 😉 The sky is quite blue in reality, but the use of a circular polarizer definitely will help bring out the depth and clarity of the sky and water. Post proc only resizing for the web.

  • Priscilla

    This is serene.. I like the fields in the background.. I’ve been to a similar place like this in Central Mexico..

    By the way, you got a lot of junk spammers huh.

    Take care!!


  • Avi

    Hey Brandon, I dont know if you are trying somthing newwith the way you upload your pictures but I cant view the pictures in the last 3 posts. This could be something to do with Flickr and China. Kind of sucks for me dude.

  • tony


    Just watching the picture – remmember me of having ‘bebek bengil’ the Ubud’s famed cuisine.Come back again next year ? brgds