Canon S95 Miniature Effect Mode

The Canon S95 can produce a miniature effect mode for both photos and videos. In my experience it’s generally more useful when shooting a scene from a raised vantage point, preferably at an angle. It may be more successful with subjects such as people, vehicles, and buildings. The following photos were taken in Nikko, Japan and Yokohama, Japan.

If you click through the photos, they’ll give you a slightly larger image to view. I’ll post video soon from the Canon S95 miniature mode with video.

  • Crazy! My city, tiny! Love it!

  • Asian Girl

    Hey Jiveman! Awesome Canon shots. I see you live in my country now. If I’m not mistaken, back in Jan 2005, not sure but I made a comment on a picture you uploaded through Flickr. I was crushing too. Enjoy the life here and shoot’ em!

  • Nice pictures !
    Love the tilt-shift effect.

  • oh my, this is awesome! ijust got my S95 too, and i cant wait to try it! ; )

  • Great images! I have been trying to decide between this camera and a G12 as a smaller “on the bike” alternative to my Nikon DSLR. The G12 might offer a little more control, but I think I am coming around to the S95. It really is pretty amazing for the size…just right to slip in a jersey pocket.

    • James – great site you have. As you may have seen, I’m very into biking as well. Loved some of the designs you’ve blogged about.

      In terms of cameras, the S95 is far, far more pocketable than the G12, which I wouldn’t actually call pocketable at all. I’ve had it for about 5 months now and can easily recommend it. Cheers.

      • Thanks Brandon. Glad to hear that you like my site. I am new to yours, but I am really enjoying it.

        I played around with both cameras yesterday, and I really do like the front function ring on the S95. My concern with the smaller camera was that manual controls would be difficult to access through layers of menus, but the ring and wheel combination really is pretty intuitive. The image quality is amazing considering the size of the camera, so I think I am sold. The only concern I have left is durability when compared to something like the G12, which still feels much more substantial in my hands. That might just be my DSLR bias though. The S95 is a camera that is small enough to have on me most of the time…and that is what I am really looking for.