• Whilst visiting Kyoto in December I was told these ladies are often elusive, usually only coming out after dark. Amazing picture. I expect you have delved into the fascinating stories about them (historical perspective).

    • Hi Dan,

      I also heard that many women dressed up in kimono, etc in the area are not actually true “geisha”, but I believe this particular woman was, along with a few others I captured (yet to upload) around Gion. This particular photo was actually taken after sundown; most of the ambient light is coming from nearby street lamps, and I bumped up the exposure a bit. So I suppose your statement rings true. Cheers.

  • like the color contrast with the street & converging lines; the expression says it all

    • Thanks Mark. How is everything going?

  • You have to love the 135L (it’s my favorite lens).

  • Mkpuetz

    Great shot. haven’t been to your website in ages (a year almost). still loving your photos