This article from 'Daring Fireball' pretty much sums up why I've been gushing over my iPhone 3G

From ‘Daring Fireball‘:

Let’s just say it up front: the iPhone is the greatest piece of consumer electronics that has ever been made.

If I could travel back 20 years and show my then 15-year-old self just one thing from the future of today, it would be the iPhone. It is our flying cars. Star Trek-style wireless long-distance voice communicator. The content of every major newspaper and magazine in the world. An encyclopedia. Video games. TV. Etc.

Read the rest here.

  • GJ

    Hi Brandon,

    As i was coming back from Thailand 2 weeks ago i priced the new iphone at the duty free in Changi. The “released” ones (no contract) were S$1850 a little to expensive for FG so she ended up with a moto razor.
    SOOOO much cheaper but with out all the features of your new toy. The new guy at work has just arrived from Germany with one and has “cracked” it and is using it here now.


  • @GJ that price is OUTRAGEOUS! I bought them unlocked in Hong Kong for around $1100 each (I think – my maths isn’t that great).