Ubud Festival 2006

Spreading her WingsWe were lucky enough to hit Ubud just as the city’s annual festival broke into full swing. On the opening day, the streets were swarming with energy. Thousands of people were lining every path, every street, and every inch of sidewalk. I’ve never seen such crowds in Ubud. They were all in anticipation of the parading artists and dancers, each offering a different style of dance and all heading to the football fields for a final display.

We made our way to the football field in the center of the city, claiming a front row seat and eagerly awaited the arriving dancers. As thousands of others joined us, the first parade filtered onto the field. Stepping into the makeshift stage, which was no more than a section of the field designated for that purpose, the show was about to begin. The dancers began their routine facing away from us, but surely they’d turn around and show the hundreds of spectators the dance from our view as well – right? Wrong. To our disappointment, we sat in exactly the wrong spot for viewing the dances. The performers scheduled to make appearances would all be showing us their backside.

An hour or so into the performance, I finally gave up my spot in hopes of getting to higher ground so I could actually see their faces. I managed to squeeze behind some Balinese men who were fortunately a few inches shorter than me and cranked out some mediocre photos. Oh well. Surely some of the other foreigners in the crowds will have exactly the same photos as me – I’ll know as soon as I put them on flickr.

We’ve also been down to the new Bvulgari Hotel in Nusa Dua numerous times as Nana (Novita’s sister) is possibly going to accept a position there. What a gorgeous hotel! Breathtaking views of Bali’s southernmost shore, an infinity pool 50 meters over the crashing waves, and a price tag of ‘only’ $1000 / night. Not. Just. Yet.

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  • very nice shot, doesnt matter if some others got the same picture. The last time i stayed in Ubud (some years ago) i just missed the annual fastival. 🙁

    Nana (my wife) and me nerver were in Nusa Dua, we met each other in Kuta the first time. But I can imagine this hotel and i guess i saw about that in TV some times ago.

    I hope Nana (novita´s sister) will get the position there.

  • alicia

    Hey Brandon! Sounds like you guys are having a great time so far. We’ve been living it up in the U.S.A. We spent 2 weeks at my parents’ house in Illinois, then partied like rock stars in Chicago (as much as you can with a baby), now are in Denver with Ian’s sister. Only a few weeks left and then back to the Big Durian for one more year. We will have to make the most of this last one, don’t you think??! Alicia

  • Beautiful photo!

    The Tart
    ; )

  • Cody

    well nice pic. i think i was there that time… i didnt see the dances though. im doing a report on bali so just saw this and checked it out
    yay ^^

  • Cody

    NO W8! i think it was 2007……maybe it was 2006…. hmmmm………………i forget>< oh well.
    maybe 2005………………..