Of Beauty and Footsteps

My latest creation. What do you think?

Balinese dancer – Ubud, Bali

These are the times when it’s a bit frustrating trying to maintain a blog/photoblog without using a separate site for the photos. Many of the images are much more striking if viewed as a larger size. I’m thinking about printing this one quite large – maybe 2 meters… Think it’d look good on my yellow wall.

By the way – if you happen to live in Indonesia, next week the latest issue of KABAR Magazine will be coming out – guess who got the cover photo? I also have a few photos in a spread about Bali. It’ll be available in all Periplus bookstores, Aksara, etc. (airports as well, all over Indonesia/Bali). It seems they’ve made me a regular contributor; something I really appreciate. I look forward to working with them (great people!).

  • I love the reds and golds in here! And congrats on getting that contributor gig! Good on ya…

  • Juergen

    Ja Brandon, i agree with you, this pic must be looking great, if you printed this out.
    Btw,some of my holiday pics i printed out, too and put them on my “balinese wall” in my living room. At the moment the wall shows the sunrice pic in Kintamani, but not that big size, only 1 mx0,50m. But i`m not that good photographer as you are 🙁


  • I think it’s fantastic, and I wish I could see it as large as you describe!

  • i just want to know the purpose of that beautiness.
    Is mode of cloth suit for his age.