WordPress and K2 – Not Playing Nicely With Internet Explorer

Well after spending the better part of two hours installing a script which rotates the header image and creating a bunch of new images to spruce up this blog, I’ve found that it looks like absolute hell in Internet Explorer. Great.

99% of my time on a computer is spent with either Safari or Firefox – never I.E. – yet I realize a vast percentage of the population still loves the archaic browser (why, oh why?). I’ll continue to use K2 with WordPress but need to investigate some ways to make it display more correctly across the board.

What exactly looks so bad in I.E.?

  • the title “javajive” is hitting the “register” button
  • the padding is all messed up – meaning my sidebar is hitting the edge instead of allowing some white space to ‘breath’
  • some icons aren’t supported (time of day, blockquotes, etc)

Oh well – I’m too busy currently to go back and alter all of the header images, so please excuse the mess I’m making of this blog and keep in mind that tonight at midnight – supposedly my domain will transfer to my new host. If all hell breaks loose, keep checking in; I have a long history of breaking things just to see if I can put them back together again. Must be my engineering roots crying out for attention.

  • No worries about the formatting of your site, javajive. It’s the images you capture that keep me coming back. 🙂

  • Brandon

    Well thank you Spacecake – I’m very happy to hear that.

    However, for the perfectionist in me, the mistakes in my code are like an itch right in that space in the middle of your back that you can never quite reach.

    How’s Singapore?

  • cad

    I dont understand why people still use IE either. I know the new one is coming out, but when is that happening?

  • Brandon, you’re such a perfectionist! You seem to be going through the same teething pains I did with my weblog! I’m sure you’ll figure it out soon enough, I have faith in engineers. 😉

  • Singapore’s getting real crazy hot weather now – it’s absolute madness. I’m literally running from shade to shade when I’m outdoors. Thank God for air-conditioners!

  • Brandon

    Isn’t it always quite hot? Jakarta doesn’t really change much throughout the year – but then again, anything above 28 C is hot for me, but I’m quite used to it now. I do really miss the changing of seasons that the States has – spring and autumn are wonderful breaks from the monotony.

  • For the blockquote icon, this works for me:

    blockquote {
    margin: 20px 0;
    padding: 0 20px 0 50px;
    color: 333;
    background: #fff url(‘images/quote.png’) no-repeat 10px 0;
    border: none;

  • I got told:

    The background thing is due to IE6’s screwy handling of PNG transparency. The rest is down to IE6’s screwy handling of pretty much anything to do with CSS.

    IE7 is better on both counts, but still doesn’t do it quite right (at least in current public betas).

  • Brandon

    Thanks for that, Shaky – I just tried it but can’t actually see what it looks like until tomorrow, as I’m at home on my Mac now. My biggest headache now comes from the odd “?” question marks inserted to some of my posts’ text. I think it’s a database problem, as today was the day my hosting was switched to America and I have never transferred a database before.

  • Ooooh yeah. I had that problem when I moved a db. Alas, did not solve it.

  • I hear you on the madness of trying to accommodate IE. Ah, if all the world used Firefox or Safari … what a world that would be. There’s nothing more frustrating than nearing completion on a site and then taking a peak at it in IE and everything’s messed up … or non-existent … which is the current situation I’m working on in my site. Argh.

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  • > a vast percentage of the population
    > still loves the archaic browser (why,
    > oh why?)

    I’d say they do not love it, they use it
    because it’s their default interface to the
    web, which came embedded into their OS,
    Windows, which in turn rules the market.
    This silent majority most probably ignores
    there is something called W3C, standards,
    or CSS, for that matter.

    The most puzzling question is: why won’t
    an all-powerful, unlimited monopoly like MS
    make a product that works well, and doesn’t
    complicate the lives of all, designers and
    users alike? Is MS truly evil, or this just
    happens whenever you become too big?

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