“Blow-Up Babies”: Quite possibly the most inappropriate name for a business? [photo]

Throughout Southeast Asia the English language is often misinterpreted, misrepresented, or massaged into new forms of communication through humorous signage. Take this one I captured as an example.

Throughout the Philippines, and Manila especially, English is widespread and I have yet to see many humorous examples as I have so often seen in Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Japan.

Until today.

Let me introduce you to a photo studio by the name of “Blow-Up Babies”.


  • Hi there! I just came across some of your photos on Flickr man, and it led me to this site.
    Yeah, I’ve seen this place in Serendra (or was it at Bonifacio High Street?) before and I really think they didn’t think this concept through. Still, it was good for a chuckle :))

  • Dariel Quiogue

    There’s an “STD Overseas Employment Agency” near where I live.  🙂