You Can't Title a Post Like This

So I’m in the grocery store with Novita looking for hand sanitizer. I find the proper aisle, and am surprised by the variety of shapes and colors offered for hand cleaner; usually it’s just a small square boring bottle. These bottles were curvy and fit the hand very well. Pleased with my selection, I’m joined by Novita:

“What are you doing?”, as she inspects the label.

“Buying hand sanitizer.”

“That’s not for cleaning your hands!”, with a devilish grin.

“What the hell is it for then?”

“Cleaning vaginas.”

  • hahahahahahhahahahahaha

  • LOL

  • cleaning hands use to be sooo simple. now you have to clean all sorts of other things too.

    or not?

    i’ll shut up now.

  • What, there aren’t any pictures of said “boring bottle”? Brandon, how could you? ;P

  • er, you’d get a serious case of thrush, y’know. Not to mention his-n-hers sore bits. Killing off all bacteria down there is just what you DON’T want.

  • I was thinking lube or something… but…. LOL.