Rest in Peace

The headmaster of our school passed away yesterday afternoon; right before our eyes. A few of us were with him the entire time; I fear it will take quite some time to clear my head of what I witnessed. There is no way to prepare yourself for something like this, and I’m not quite sure how to handle it. I’ve worked with him for the past 4 1/2 years; he arrived at the same time I did. When you haveRead more

"Image Manipulation" by Vikas Malhotra

I feel this is such an important topic and a very thorough response by Vikas, and therefore would like to offer his comment within its own post. IMAGE MANIPULATION A very interesting discussion but of course, one done to death on various forums worldwide. Have also responded to these points earlier and am happy to respond to them again. Lets first see what Image Manipulations were done in the past, prior to the advent of the digital era and howRead more

A Good Photograph: Manipulation or Skill?

I’ve decided to respond to Indcoup’s comment in a new post, so that this may be an open discussion for all to participate in. Regarding the photos I posted the other day, he said: “I’m just getting into DSLR photography myself and am rapidly coming to the conclusion that to take good shots, you have to be a good image manipulator as well. Into photoshop, learn how to oversaturate colors and adjust levels and you can do wonders. Not sayingRead more

Vikas Malhotra: Colors and Camels from India

I feel compelled to share what I have discovered: a set of photos so exhilarating, full of life, and colors so timeless and vibrant that I simply cannot keep them to myself. These photos are the work of Vikas Malhotra from New Delhi, India. His complete portfolio may be viewed here, and this particular set from “Pushkar”, are available here. More information (on a separate site) is available here. He has kindly granted me permission to display a few ofRead more