Penchant for Life

A Balinese girl cleanses herself in a ceremonial Hindu temple. It was one of those moments where you feel truly in touch with the vibrance of life. This has been one of my favorite images, and yet I’ve been almost afraid to use it – afraid I can’t possibly convey the way it felt to be there, experiencing this. Like the last sip of wine, you keep it, savoring, holding on to one last taste in hopes of remembrance. IRead more

Tsunami Survivors Tell Tales

I forgot about this article in the Guardian following the Asian tsunami of 2004. I guess in the pandemonium, I never thought of passing it on at the time, even though this blog was mentioned. But perhaps the saddest site I’ve visited today is javajive, written by another expat who has been waiting on news of friends in Phuket. At the time of writing this post he’s still waiting, although a commenter on his blog tells of their heartbreak atRead more