Crouching Tiger, Matrix, and Hero

I’ve been finding some pretty awesome films that were never popular in the States. If you’re a fan of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon… (as I am). You should check out “Hero” with Jet Li and the same girl that was from CTHD. The film was produced for Chinese, by Chinese, so you better be ready to read subs. The atmosphere, colors, and graceful choreography are astounding. With each path in the storyline, there are subtle changes in coloring that takeRead more

American Tourists and SARS

Now that I’m completely off point… let me wander back. From what I’ve seen, Asia is a land that all of the world should devote time towards learning about. From any standpoint: travel, education, investing, militarily, arts, and culturally, Asia has a tremendous offering that many people will never learn about. If Americans have a holiday, we tend to visit beautiful places within our country, or those nearby. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s simply a part ofRead more

People Are People – the World Over

Well, anyone who is reading this may notice that I haven’t written in almost 5 months! It’s not because I’m lazy, bored, or losing creativity. I simply needed to stand back and gain some perspectives in everything that is happening. It’s been a pretty amazing year with arriving, having the Bali bombing, traveling, experiencing the Iraq situation from a Muslim country, and even everyday life. I believe some of my views have changed, and my perspectives seem a bit moreRead more